That One Cupcake Place

Meet Teresa.

She is a cupcake baking diva, dedicated to blending the best ingredients and flavors into her mini masterpieces. Her creativity is unmatched – each week she offers new flavor combinations – there’s always something new to taste!

What's their secret ingredient?

She’ll never tell!  You’ll just have to keep tasting them to try to discover her secrets!

How did they get to NewBo?

It was a long journey, starting with the discovery of a tattered piece of paper in an old recipe book, when Teresa was a teenager. She has spend years perfecting the recipe, baking for family and friends, selling at farmers markets and taking special orders. Opening a business was the natural next step.

What’s their favorite item they sell?

That’s easy… the cupcakes!

And the name?

It’s the name the public gave them! After visiting farmers markets and doing special orders, she heard over and over again “I love that one cupcake place!”