NewBo City Market rocks the heart of the New Bohemia District, serving up local, homegrown foods, art, and events. Our Market family is made up of fab foodies, persnickety purveyors of all things good and green, cupcake divas, and creators of other really cool stuff.






Our Roots

The Market is housed in a former abandoned industrial site.  Ravaged by the flood of 2008, the building sat neglected, a blight on the neighborhood, until a handful of creative locals came together to create what is now NewBo City Market.


NewBo City Market was Born

NewBo City Market was formed in 2010 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation to promote flood revitalization, access to healthy food, regional agricultural development, and job creation.


The Learning Garden

The Learning Garden took shape in 2013, thanks to the efforts (and muscles!) of our dedicated volunteers who erected five raised beds where food crops are grown and harvested.  The Learning Garden is powered by Linn County Extension Master Gardeners.

The Learning Garden is designed to be accessible to the widest possible population. Its five raised masonry beds are roughly 2-1/2’ high, with an 8” deep flat surface at its top.  The beds are 36” apart to allow for wheelchair access.

In addition to Linn County Extension, Learning Garden partners include Linn County Solid Waste. Thank you to Solid Waste for providing nutrient rich compost for planting.  All Linn County residents can get compost at the Solid Waste site, just down the block from the Market.


Here we are!

NewBo City Market makes up an entire square block in the heart of New Bohemia. The market is a place to gather, learn, eat, and enjoy the company of friends — old and new!

Learn more about our neighborhood on the Czech Village – New Bohemia Mainstreet District website.